RAMECS Bylaws and Articles

Article 1: Name and Address

The name of the organization is International Research Association of Modern Education and Computer Science (Abbreviation: RAMECS).

The interest of the RAMECS covers any interdisciplinary study of various aspects of modern education, computer science, and their applications.

The International Research Association of Modern Education and Computer Science (RAMECS)'s contact and mailing address is

Unit B, 13/F., Prat Commercial Building 17-19 Prat Avenue,
Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel/Fax: +852-55398439
E-mail: service@ramecs.org 

Article 2: Purpose

The purpose of the RAMECS is:

  • To bring together teachers, engineers, scientists in academia, university and industry who are devoted to, or interested in, the research of the modern education, Computer Science and their applications;

  • To provide regular information to the general public about developments and events in modern education and Computer Science;

  • To ensure regular forums (including the organization of conferences, exhibitions, and publishing in printed and electronic forms, including the maintenance of website and interactive internet facilities) for all those interested in modern education and Computer Science.

Article 3: Non-profit organization

The RAMECS is a non-profit organization. It has no other purposes beyond those stated in Article 2. Its members and officials serve without any remuneration from the RAMECS.

Article 4: Membership

The following types of membership are:

  • Honorary Members: elected by the Assembly on the advice of the Executive Board.

  • Ordinary Members: any scientist, educator or other specialist in the world, engaged in research or in application of any field of modern education and Computer Science may apply for Ordinary Membership.

  • Student Members: students at degree granting institutions may apply for Student Membership.

  • Corporate Members: any institution or RAMECS with corresponding interests may apply for Corporate Membership.

Membership is registered in the RAMECS's offices. Membership terminates by the resignation of the member, or by the decision of the Executive Board, provided, that the member neglected her/his duties, ignored majority decisions, or threatened the good reputation of the RAMECS.

Article 5: Rights and Duties of the Members

Any member has the right to vote in the affairs of the RAMECS, according to procedures determined by the Executive Board, and may be nominated and elected to all functions. Members must abide by the Articles of the RAMECS, and uphold the reputation of the RAMECS.

Article 6: Officers

RAMECS Officers consists of an international advisory board members and executive board members. Officers of the RAMECS should have made a scholarly contribution to the development of modern education and computer science.

The International Advisory Board Directors shall represent the RAMECS and express the opinions in scientific/artistic affairs. The Executive Board Directors coordinates the work and shall be responsible for executing the general policies of the RAMECS and the concrete decisions made by the Executive Board.


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